Seminar Testimonials

Read what people are saying about The Three-Fold Path to Mastery, The Art of Meditation, and Peace Meal seminars.

"I’ve never seen anything like The Art of Meditation the way you have applied it to improving productivity and relieving stress at work. The Three-Fold Path to Mastery is just what we’ve been looking for to train our sales force."
Fortune 500 Executive
Entertainment Industry

"Wow. I have always wanted to learn this." [Referring to The Three-Fold Path to Mastery.]
Fortune 500 Executive
Retail Industry

"The participants of your recent Three-Fold Path to Mastery seminar here at J.P. Morgan felt that the following key points from the class, in particular, were invaluable:

  • Being confident, but not arrogant.
  • Having proper "Work Etiquette".
  • Practicing Focus and discipline as making the difference between mediocre and great workers.
  • Learning the skills needed on a job, after hours if necessary.
  • Being detached.
  • Finding a mentor to encourage continuous growth and improvement.

Thanks again."

Michelle O’Brien, Vice President-Corporate Sector Technology
J.P. MorganChase

"Nicole Grace, the founder of Satori Sciences Inc., has many important things to say. That she has chosen to say them in The Three-Fold Path to Mastery will undoubtedly be of benefit to many people."
Gary Katz, Chief Operating Officer
International Securities Exchange (the world’s largest equity options exchange)

"I enjoyed the presentation of [work] as part of a greater philosophy on life. The seminar was extremely clear, logical and I think, as a result, it will be relatively easy to try to incorporate these principles into my life, and keeping them at the forefront when working with clients."
Software Implementation Consultant

"I would like to thank Ms. Grace for generously sharing her secrets, so that we too can start leading our lives in much more profound, magical and powerful ways that can improve our professional capabilities as well as our spiritual qualities."
Supply Chain Planning

"The members of the Special Operations Command would like to acknowledge, with gratitude, your generous and patriotic spirit…in assisting us in furthering the training and education of our Firefighters. Your company’s ability…to assist us in our mission to create a better instructor at the Technical Rescue School will prove to be an invaluable training asset as we continue to rebuild. [The] impressive curriculum created a synergistic effect. On behalf of the future students that will benefit from your efforts and the thirty-one instructors who received your class, we whole-heartedly thank you."
Captain Joseph Cunningham, Lt. Joseph Light, Lt. William J. Reddan, Firefighter Joseph O’Donnell
FDNY Special Operations Fire Command Technical Rescue School

"I didn’t realize the power I still have within myself. I will see life with a different outlook from now on. I have a lot to learn about myself and in each of the topics of the seminar, I learned something valuable."
Augustine Pincheira, Battalion Chief and Training Officer
City of Santa Fe Fire Department

"I particularly enjoyed the 'whole' picture of humans, including how our careers coincide with personal health, mind, body and spirit. A successful life equals a successful career."
L.S., Captain
City of Santa Fe Fire Department

"As an actor, I have found the [Three-Fold Path to Mastery philosophy] to be extremely useful. The concise, specific and practical advice, and above all, the spirit in which the concepts are grounded, were immeasurably helpful in moving my career forward. But even more importantly, the philosophy helped me change my mind set about approaching and tackling work. That's truly invaluable."

"The [Three-Fold Path to Mastery] is a guide to subtlety. Ms. Grace reveals the secrets to success hidden in the details of how you perceive yourself, your target and your dream. This philosophy has helped me to give without losing myself, to receive without taking it for granted, and to create, not only for me, but for a higher cause. And that is an art. Whether you are a consultant, an artist or a would-be whatever, this teaching is universally helpful for all who want to know how to be impeccable in their craft. And one can never have enough of that!"
"Songs of Jacques Brel"