What is a Master Instructor?

A Master Instructor is an extremely successful individual in life and work, who has been personally trained and coached in the art of teaching the Three-Fold Path to Mastery by Nicole Grace, the creator of the Three-Fold Path philosophy and Founder and CEO of Satori Sciences, Inc. Each Master Instructor, after years of deliberate perseverance in his or her own personal and professional development, and having attained a truly balanced and accomplished life, is one who has dedicated himself in service to others' potential success and happiness.

We use the word "master" carefully. Even though our Master Instructors have reached an integration of the skills described in the Three-Fold Path that is far above average, no one with any true sense of balance would ever consider himself so masterful that he has nothing else to learn, nor any more room for growth. Our instructors are wise enough through their years of self-discovery that no one would ever actually hear them use the word "master" to define themselves. Part of the fun of life is to continue to expand our consciousness and abilities every minute of every day.