Corporate Training

A Three-Fold Path to Mastery Corporate Seminar presents a dynamic methodology that integrates highly practical and broadly applicable business knowledge with teachings for self-mastery thousands of years old. Customized to your particular organization's goals and needs, the seminar will truly transform the way Executives, Managers, Support Staff, Consultants and others approach their work.

  • Do you want to help promising personnel take on more responsibility and develop leadership skills?
  • Do you want to help create teams that are more motivated and enthusiastic?
  • Do you want to help your support staff feel a sense of accomplishment from their daily tasks?

Many of the character traits and soft skills that corporations value most highly, are often not found even among talented personnel. These soft skills are also rarely emphasized in business schools or included in management training courses. Satori Sciences specifically and directly teaches the most practical, and ultimately fulfilling, methods for becoming a soft skills master.

What are "soft skills"?

These are the skills represented in the Lotus pathway, that include:

  • Negotiation skills
  • Team leadership
  • Political strategy
  • Knowledge sharing
  • Office etiquette
  • And others

Most importantly, Satori Sciences encourages a standard of constant improvement - there is no graduation day in the business world. Practitioners of the Three-Fold Path to Mastery learn to embrace the challenge of continuous growth and evolution, in business skills as well as in personal development.

In a Three-Fold Path to Mastery Seminar, our Master Instructors will show your staff, group or organization how to:

  • Increase their ability to work more efficiently, improve their productivity & achieve superior performance
  • Discover the power of honesty, loyalty and ethics
  • Develop higher levels of confidence & a greater ability to focus
  • Build a history of excellence
  • Take on more responsibility & achieve their leadership potential

In addition, a Three-Fold Path to Mastery Seminar will:

  • Have a unifying effect on workgroups
  • Align your personnel to your company's vision - setting a standard of excellence
  • Establish the importance of professional ethics & work etiquette
  • Introduce a commitment to constant improvement
  • Show methods for increasing mental & physical stamina

Satori Sciences also addresses "hard skills" - the elements that make up the Sword pathway - as part of a balanced approach to attaining to greater quality, productivity and personal satisfaction in work. The hard skills include techniques and recommendations, such as:

  • Producing deliverables and early wins for projects
  • Mentoring
  • Continuing education and gaining new skills
  • Maintaining focus and balancing multiple projects

Custom Solutions

We can tailor our seminars to meet your specific business requirements. Our staff will take the time to assess your company's needs and gain an understanding of your goals and objectives.

Modifications to our seminars will not change the overall content, but will modify the emphasis and frame of reference for your group. Business scenarios and case studies can also be incorporated.

For example, our seminars can be designed to focus on:

  • Leadership development
  • Team building
  • Performance improvement
  • Ethics

We can also target specific groups within your organization:

  • Executives
  • Managers
  • Support Staff
  • Sales
  • Customer Service
  • Senior or Junior Consultants

The Book
All seminar participants will receive a free copy of Mastery At Work.