Mastery At Work Companion Journal
Author: Nicole Grace
ISBN: 0-9747852-2-9
pages: 104
size: 8 1/2 x 11, paperback
Price: $12.00 US
Publication Date: November 15, 2005

Book Description

Intended for readers of Mastery At Work, the Journal covers the main elements of the Three-Fold Path to Mastery philosophy, and includes lined pages for readers to enter their thoughts. Each section also includes new quotes from famous authors, saints, philosophers and other "masters." An invaluable tool for implementing and integrating the instructions and guidance outlined in the 18 Keys for achieving success, fulfillment and joy as described in Grace's first book, Mastery At Work.

From the Back Cover

I am very pleased to offer this Companion Journal to readers of my book, Mastery At Work: 18 Keys For Achieving Success, Fulfillment And Joy In Any Profession. The Companion Journal came about as a result of your wonderful letters and emails. Many of you described how the experience of reading Mastery At Work encouraged you to write down your epiphanies and contemplative thoughts in notes and scribblings in the margins of the book or on whatever notepaper happened to be available. And so, I created this Journal for you.

Open these pages, turn to the Fundamental Principle or Key you are contemplating or working to put into practice in your life, and jot down your thoughts, musings, questions and plans for action. Like a paper treasure chest, you can fill this Journal with the gems of your imagination and the jewels of your heart.

Nicole Grace
from the Mastery At Work Companion Journal