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Mastery At Work: 18 Keys For Achieving Success, Fulfillment And Joy In Any Profession

Combining spiritual techniques with business practices, Nicole Grace recognizes that leading an impeccable working life helps us to achieve personal growth. Her secret key to success—work as a spiritual practice and spiritual practice as work. Whether you work on Wall Street or as a street vendor, Grace's techniques of 'acting as if,' detachment, and focusing like a warrior will help you to create a fulfilling work and personal life."
New Connexions Magazine - "Editor's Picks"

"Mastery At Work is an enlightening and informative new book that is transforming the way people think about life and work. Drawn from proven business strategies and ancient spiritual teachings, Mastery At Work presents practical techniques anyone can embrace and use to work more productively and with greater skill, as well as to lead an uncommonly joyful life, regardless of daily circumstances. Based on The Three-Fold Path to Mastery philosophy created by the author, Mastery At Work describes the pathways that can lead to a life of success, expertise, balance and fulfillment. [USA Book News covers unique books from both the mainstream and independent press. We look beyond the best-seller lists to find fantastic books that are worthy of attention.
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"Nicole Grace is one extraordinary woman: a former Wall Street executive and an ordained Buddhist monk and a black belt in karate and a former symphony orchestra violinist! More important, however, is the fact that her accomplishments are demonstrations of the program she proffers in her first book, Mastery At Work. Drawn from her experience in multiple spiritual disciplines, including martial arts, Grace distills her impressive 18 Keys into a Three-Fold Path (Soft Skills, Professional Skills and Continuous Improvement). Taken together, they comprise a powerful life-way, as appropriate for the longtime seeker as it is for the spiritual novice.

"Almost all of us work, and work (especially nowadays) can be fraught with difficulties: lack of meaning, lack of security and frustrating relationships, to name a few. Grace, through this prism of work, is providing the public at large a process into deeper experience and understanding. This is a book you can give to anyone as an ultimate, self-guided, personal-growth method, whether or not they've ever uttered the word spirituality. To the degree that they embody and express the 18 Keys, they will open inner doors, and what they learn and experience will find its outer reflection. Mastery At Work is a book about mastery of life. It belongs on every bookshelf."
Balanced Living Magazine

"Mastery At Work presents practical techniques anyone can embrace and use to work more productively and with greater skill, as well as to lead an uncommonly joyful life, regardless of daily circumstances."
Of Spirit Magazine, "Recommended Book"

"Want to change your life and career satisfaction? Read Mastery At Work... Without any reservations, we're glad to give five stars to this extremely recommended book... a rating [that] is reserved for life-changing books written with enlightening insights that only one in a million books would possess."
Jennie S. Bev, Managing Editor, Book Review Club
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"Though belonging to the genre of self-help books like those of Dale Carnegie and Napoleon Hill, [Mastery At Work] still manages to remain fresh and different. [Grace] draws on the wisdom of Japanese Samurais and Buddhism, and combines them with pleasing anecdotes from movies and literature to give an altogether unique look to her book."
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"It's a perfect time in my life to introduce a new philosophy and impetus for change. I think I am most drawn to the honesty of your writing. Personally, I am frequently turned off by "self-help" books that don't emphasize a necessity for integrity and responsibility in life. I also listened to your CD during travel time and I enjoyed it very much. Something about listening to your spoken words allowed for a different level of thought for me on the concepts. Your voice came across as both soothing and powerful--nice work!"
Senior Art Director, Portland, OR

"Numerous authors have attempted to shed the light of concepts derived from bushido, the Way of the Warrior, onto the pursuit of success in the business world. In Mastery At Work, Nicole Grace distinguishes herself by combining wisdom from bushido, Buddhism and other Eastern philosophies with astute insights into the contemporary American workplace, and presenting a practical, startlingly clear roadmap to not only success, but fulfillment, in both work and life. Mastery at Work takes a holistic view of the person and addresses the universal quest for a genuinely rewarding existence."
William Scott Wilson
Author of The Lone Samurai: The Life of Miyamoto Musashi
translator of Hagakure, The Book of Five Rings and The Unfettered Mind

"This book is my bible."
Captain Tom O’Brien, FDNY
9/11 Survivor

"I don't think that it is possible to overstate the impact that your book, Mastery At Work, has had on empowering me to be able to achieve my personal and professional goals. Thank you, Thank you, Thank you! A thousand times: Thank You!!"
- Senior Technologist, Tucson, AZ

"[Mastery At Work] presents a fresh perspective with regard to career and life focus."

"Mastery At Work, by Nicole Grace, revolutionizes the relationship between work and life by giving us clear techniques that allow us to turn almost any job into a powerful means of finding fulfillment and success. Her approach will inspire corporations and employees everywhere!"
Elaine Price, CEO
CYA Technologies

"Nicole Grace's Mastery At Work is the most transformational and engaging book I have read in many years. I predict the secrets revealed in this book will revolutionize the way people live and work, and light the path for those who want more out of life. I keep the book nearby, and re-read it frequently, to remind myself to be who I want to be, and bring the best of myself to everything I do. It has made a world of difference. I can't thank Ms. Grace enough for writing this book, and I am sure many people will benefit from her expertise, her wisdom and her own obvious joy in her work."
Senior Data Architect
Advanced Data Solutions, Inc.

"This is a very worthwhile book, with tremendous social value."
Michael Larsen, literary super-agent and bestselling Author
(with Jay Levinson) of Guerilla Marketing for Writers