Individual Seminars

Learn the Three-Fold Path to Mastery for excelling at work and in life. Satori Sciences can help you achieve a new level of success, including:

  • Career Advancement
  • Higher Salaries & Rates
  • Personal Satisfaction
  • Professional Distinction

Whether you are an individual employee, consultant, student, artist, athlete or entrepreneur, Satori Sciences' Three-Fold Path to Mastery can help you to significantly distinguish yourself from others in your field, as well as gain a sense of balance in your life while you progress to new levels of achievement.

At the heart of the Three-Fold Path to Mastery philosophy is the concept of work as the Art of Service. When you change your attitude regarding your work, your profession or any activity that you pursue, from "What is the most I can get out of this situation?" to "What can I do to improve the circumstances of this person, company, organization or ideal?" you gain an entirely new, more positive, more proactive, more joyful perspective on work and on your life outside work.

Throughout the intensive day of training, we will cover topics such as:
  • Honesty
  • Work Etiquette
  • Confidence
  • Loyalty
  • Focus
  • Detachment
  • Warrior Training
  • Finding a Mentor
  • and Mastery
You will learn special techniques for:
  • Getting paid the highest rates and salaries
  • Increasing your ability to work more efficiently
  • Taking your skills and your career to a higher level
Other topics covered in the seminar include:
  • Interviewing
  • Marketing your resume
  • Professional ethics
  • Increasing your personal energy level

We will identify the qualities managers, executives and clients find most valuable, and show you how to develop and demonstrate these qualities to be more successful in your field. We will also show you methods for increasing your mental and physical stamina, to empower you in both personal and professional situations.

The Book All seminar participants will receive a free copy of Mastery At Work.