About The Three-Fold Path to Mastery Seminars
An enlightened approach to life and work

A Three-Fold Path to Mastery seminar is an intensive and comprehensive day-long experience, where you will learn the elements of the Three-Fold Path to Mastery, a practical and powerful methodology for excelling in business, or in any form of work or activity.

Our exceptional Master Instructors will teach you a set of techniques to use to improve the overall quality of your work, as well as to increase your personal satisfaction with the work that you have done and are doing.

The Three-Fold Path to Mastery methodology is also an extremely effective strategy for:

  • Making significant advances in your career
  • Building cohesive teams
  • Effecting organizational change
  • Exploring topics of integrity and ethics
  • Getting more accomplished, sooner, with higher quality

Please contact our office for more information, or to schedule a seminar: info@satorisciences.com or 800-384-8815.